Key Aspects of Quality Coffee Cart Hire Services

Coffee is a universal beverage that should be made readily available at any event. Therefore, event planners that want to meet attendees' needs must consider hiring a coffee cart. That said, the quality of coffee you want to offer is only as good as the quality of the coffee cart you hire. Sadly, not many event planners take this seriously, and they end up disappointing event attendees. Your objective is to find coffee cart hire services that provide more than just quality coffee. This article highlights key aspects to look for when hiring coffee cart services for your event.

Professional Baristas -- There is little sense in hiring a state-of-the-art coffee cart equipped with all the right gimmicks if you are going to use an average Joe to make and serve the coffee. Notably, this is precisely what most event planners do to save on rental costs. However, doing so only works against your event because a coffee cart operated by an untrained barista is the perfect ingredient for unsatisfied event attendees. Therefore, ensure you choose a service provider that offers a coffee cart together with a trained barista. Not only will an expert keep the coffee cart clean at all times, but they can also serve coffee blends based on attendee individual requests. Although you might have to pay more for a professional barista, it is worth the investment in as far as providing quality coffee to your attendees goes.

Adequate Water Storage -- Coffee spills are common when serving coffee from a coffee cart. However, it is crucial to keep a work surface as clean as possible, and that means having access to clean water. It is not a problem of an event venue has access to hard pumped water. However, such access can be a problem, especially for outdoor, and that is why you need to hire a coffee cart with enough water storage capacity. Not only does this ensure the cart is always clean, but it also keeps the cart's plumbing safe from poor quality water.

Wide Selection of Coffee Syrups -- Coffee syrups are to coffee what condiments are to food. Syrups are excellent at livening up plain premium coffee and can be great additions to your coffee cart. Therefore, you should ask coffee hire services whether they provide coffee syrups and the selections on offer. The wider the syrup selections available, the better because attendees can choose a flavour they like. Besides, a wide selection of coffee syrups is best for coffee carts with a narrow coffee blend since attendees can vary their flavours accordingly.