4 Reasons to Use a Food Buffet For Your Corporate Event

If you're setting up an event for your company and will be feeding your guests, then you may not be sure whether you should use a buffet or a full table-service meal. While a sit-down lunch or dinner works well for some events, a buffet may have more advantages.

What are the benefits of using a buffet at your event?

1. Cater For All Tastes

If you offer a formal meal, then you might find it hard to cater to the tastes and diets of all your guests. Some people, like vegetarians and vegans, have special needs; others simply don't like certain foods.

If you set up a buffet, then you stand a better chance of providing food that everyone is able to eat. Even fussy eaters will find something they like. So, for example, you can combine meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes at the same time. People simply choose what they want.

2. Allow Guests to Network

While formal meals allow your guests to chat amongst themselves and with your staff, these meals can be a little constricting. Typically, people stay on their tables and talk to the people around them for most of the meal-time period.

If you set up a buffet with free seating, then people can mingle much more. Your staff can talk to all their clients or prospects; everyone has the chance to catch up with people they know or to network with new contacts. This gives your event a more relaxed feel.

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Planning a formal lunch or dinner takes a lot of work. For example, you have to decide which meals to offer for which course.

You need to ask invitees if they have any dietary needs before you can do this effectively. Not everyone will reply promptly; some won't reply at all. You could spend a lot of time chasing people up.

Things can easily go wrong here. For example, you won't make the right impression if one of your guests arrives and announces that they are gluten intolerant. Finding them something they can eat safely at the last minute could be impossible.

Offering a buffet with a wide range of foods is a lot easier. You won't have to spend as much time organising the meal or worrying that people don't have anything they can eat.

3. Reduce Your Costs

If you give your guests a sit-down meal with table service, then your catering costs typically rise. As well as paying for food, you also have to pay for waiting staff.

If you run a buffet, then you don't need as many catering staff at the event. This reduces your overall costs.

Event catering supply companies can help you choose the right foods in the right amounts for your buffet. To find out more, contact local caterers.